Episode #106 pt2 – Weekend Getaway – ElectroFunk

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The Weekend Getaway – Part 2. Fresh off the Mothership from the Far East, Badd Kitti totally changes pace with an excursion back in time highlighting the world-wide collaboration that created Electro, New Wave and Boogie Funk.

Featuring Kraftwerk, Afrika Bambaataa and Soul Sonic Force, Zapp & Roger and contemporary Boogie Funk from The APX, Lynda Dawn, MXXWLL and More…

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The Weekend Getaway – Part 1 – A Brand New Segment in which Badd Kitti takes us on a musical excursion to find The Funk in countries all around the world.
For our VERY FIRST segment, we ride The Mothership to the Far East, and dig how Funk found its way into the Molam music of Thailand, and influenced popular music in Japan. Featuring the American Thai Funk band, Khraungbin, Japanese Neo Soul artist Nao Yoshioka, and tracks from compilations, “The Sound of Siam” and “Saigon Rock and Soul”

Very special thanks to Prof. Ed Onasi and the students at Ursinus College for inviting me to lecture, and for inspiring this new segment!

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Part 1
Song Artist Album Year
Mr White Khruangbin The Universe Smiles Upon You 2015
Bird Cymande Second Time Around 1973
Peace The Sound Defects Iron Horse 2008
Alluptoyou Mndsgn Body Wash 2016
Too Much to Ask Moonchild Little Ghosts 2019
It’s Gonna Take a Lot of Medicine (Kusuri wo Takusan) Taeko Ohnuki Sunshower 1977
Camouflage Yellow Magic Orchestra Technodelic 1981
Liberation Nao Yoshioka Undeniable 2019
Ha Fang Kheng Kan (Teun-Jai Boon Praraksa Cover) Khruangbin single 2015
August 10 Khruangbin Con Todo El Mundo 2018
Cái Trâm Em Cài (Your Hair Clip) Carol Kim Saigon Rock & Soul 2010
Wan Maha Sanook Plearn Promdan The Sound of Siam Vol 1 (1964-1975) 2010
Soul Lam Plearn The Petch Phin Thong Band The Sound of Siam Vol 1 (1964-1975) 2010
Kwang Noi Chaolay The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band 21st Century Molam 2014
Part 2
Song Artist Album Year
Numbers Kraftwerk Computer World (Computervelt) 1981
Planet Rock Afrika Bambaataa single 1982
Nunk Warp 9 It’s A Beat Wave 1982
Pack Jam Jonzun Crew single release 1982
Make That Move Shalamar Three For Love 1981
I’m In Love Evelyn “Champagne” King I’m In Love 1981
You’re The One For Me D Train D Train 1982
Midas Touch Midnight Star Headlines 1986
On Point Teddy Mike On Point 2017
Ready For Your Love Mtume Juicy Fruit 1983
Monday Fonk MXXWLL Beats vol.1 2017
Move Lynda Dawn At First Light 2018
F.Y.G. (feat. Zapp). The APX Amplified Experiment 2019
Shy feat. Zapp Tuxedo single 2018
Parking Lot Zapp Zapp VII Roger & Friends 2018

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