Episode #99 – 2nd Anniversary Replay -FUNKtoberfest/Tribute to ‘Boogie’ and ‘Razor Sharp’

The Funk Excursion w/ Badd Kitti celebrates its 2nd Anniversary this month with some of my favorite Jams, Series and Re-Broadcasts.

This Week – The Re-Broadcast of FUNKtoberfest/Tribute to ‘Boogie’ and ‘Razor Sharp’, featuring LIVE performances and interviews with Kount Funkula & Tony Strat of the
P-Funk Outlawz, AND a brief retrospective of the musical contributions of Cordell “Boogie” Mosson and Joel “Razor Sharp” Johnson. (originally aired on 10/13/18)

Keep it locked this month for the 2nd Anniversary Specials. and Don’t Miss the 100th Broadcast Funkstravaganza!

For this episode, I beamed over to Dunellen, NJ to jam with Donna Snead (widow of “Boogie” Mosson) and the B’Nevolent Funk/Afterglow Crew, sponsors of FUNKTOBERFEST 2018!

Fest headliners, The P-Funk Outlawz, SHOWED OUT as did special guests Jen Durkin & The Business, and super-funky bassist, TYGAH.
I caught up with PFO after the show – Listen to interview excerpts, plus ALL the festival highlights on Part 1.
(Social Media contacts for all artists listed at the bottom of this page)

NEXT, check out FUNKTOBERFEST 2018 Part 2 – Tribute to “Boogie” & “Razor Sharp”.

The musical contributions of bassist Cordell “Boogie” Mosson, and keyboardist/synthesist Joel “Razor Sharp” Johnson are often confused with their counter parts Bootsy Collins and Bernie Worrell.

Although Collins and Worrell are rightly considered co-architects of the P-Funk sound, this brief retrospective proves that Mosson and Johnson have earned their place in P-Funk history as well.

For this tribute, I’m focusing on music composed by Mosson and Johnson, which demonstrates the full spectrum of their contributions to The Funk.

I originally planned to celebrate Mosson alone, as FUNKtoberfest and B’Nevolent Funk were born out of his passion to keep the Funk alive. Sadly, “Razor Sharp” Johnson passed away suddenly, just a few days prior to the airing of the show, and it seemed fitting and timely to include his tribute here as well. I hope I did these guys justice. If anything was overlooked, charge it to my head and not my heart.

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Hour 1
Artist Song Album Year
Count Funkula Count Funkula (I Didn’t Know That Funk Was Loaded) A Fifth of Funk 1983
Parliament Agony Of Defeet Tombpibulation 1980
The P Funk Outlawz Re-Rock the Funk Single 2015
Greg G-Rock Sanders Pimpalicious Back to Bassix 2015
Tygah Tygah Live @ Funktoberfest 2018
Funkadelic Trash a Go Go Cosmic Slop 1973
Jen Durkin And The Business The Business Jen Durkin And The Business 2015
Bernie Worrell Hope Is Here Free Agent 1997
Greg G-Rock Sanders Wanna Have a Good Time Detroit Space Division 2018
Song Artist Album Year
U.S. Music with Funkadelic Be What You Is single
Funkadelic Nappy Dugout Cosmic Slop 1973
Funkadelic Better By The Pound Let’s Take it to the Stage 1975
Funkadelic How Do Yeaw View You? (1) Tales of Kidd Funkadelic 1976
Bootsy’s Rubber Band Roto-Rooter Bootsy? Player of the Year 1978
Sweat Band Hyper Space Sweat Band 1980
Dodge Headache Star Bass Invasion 2003
Parliament I Can Move (If You Let Me) Up For The Down Stroke 1974
Funkadelic Let’s Take It To The Stage Let’s Take It To The Stage 1975
Fuzzy Haskins The Fuzz & Da Boog Radio Active 1978
Parlet Wonderful One Play Me or Trade Me 1980
Freakbass Let’s Go All The Way single 2016
Sweat Band We Do It All Day Long (Reprise)Sweat Band 1980

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