Episode #75 – Women’s History Month – 2 Dope Queens Pt1

Episode #75 – Women’s History Month – 2 Dope Queens Pt.1
Celebrating Aretha & Chaka

Badd Kitti’s celebration of Women’s History Month continues with 2 Dope Queens – honoring the legacies of Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin and Chaka Kahn, the Queen of Funk (coincidentally born 2 days apart; Chaka March 23rd. Aretha March 25), A two part episode covering the incredibly wide ranging, and multi-decade spanning careers of these two Power House women song.

This episode also gives a shout out to the history making women who pioneered as Producers, Composers, Instrumentalists AND Artists, including Teena Marie, Betty Davis, Lauryn Hill and more!

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