The New Parliament Album is Here!

Show #39 – Medicaid Fraud Dogg

From Atomic Dogg to Fraud Dogg – Brieze debuts the First album from Parliament in 38 years! And Have No Doubt – The Funk is Still STANKY!

Check out the show, featuring selected tracks from the new album as well as some Classic Ol’ Skool Parliament.
>>Play Show #39 – Medicaid Fraud Dogg

Parliaments’s long awaited album, Medicaid Fraud Dogg demonstrates not only that, at nearly 80 years young, Clinton’s still got the Funk, but that The Funk is Still Alive and Well. The 23 track album, released on May 22, 2018, presents a social commentary on the many ills facing modern American society: over-medicating the elderly, the current opioid/heroin epidemic, and even social media addiction, to name a few.

Clinton seamlessly blends his P-Funk with Neo-Soul and 90s-ish hip-hop resulting in a sound both familiar and fresh. ‘Fraud Dogg’ also sees the reunion of Pee Wee Ellis, and Fred Wesley, who add brilliantly arranged horns, giving tracks such as ‘Social Media’, and ‘All In’ a sophisticated, jazzy air in contrast with the hardcore psychedelic jams Parliament was known for in their heyday. But the album includes some raw funk jams as well!

As I’m writing this, the tracks are available for download only, and liner notes are not currently available. But, from what I’ve been able to gather, other notable appearances include: long time P-Funk collaborators, the late Junie Morrison, who co-produced and performed on the album’s only single release, “I’m Gon’ Make You Sick (Of Me)”,  and Mudbone Cooper, featured vocalist on the single; a star studded contingent lead by Sly Stone, D’Angelo, Kendrick Lamar, Scarface, and Cardi B. Also featured are vocals from Clinton’s son Tracey Lewis a.k.a. Tray Lewd, grandson Tracey Clinton, a.k.a. Tra’zae, and granddaughter’s, and Tonysha Nelson and Patavian Lewis, known as the duo Kandy Apple Redd.

Never short on surprises, Clinton also introduces a new character to the P-Funk universe called “Loodie Poo Da Pimp”, performed by Tray Lewd. This is notable if for no other reason than it indicates that there’s More To Come from Parliament… (we hope!)

Considering this is Clinton’s first Parliament release in 40 years, ‘Fraud Dogg’ is a surprisingly good, if not brilliant album. However, it does have few flaws that are worth mentioning. First, is the overly long 23 tracks. Shortening the album would have improved its flow and cohesiveness, which was one of the hallmarks of past Parliament releases.  But overly long albums have been a trend from Clinton over the past few releases (i.e. Funkadelic 2014 release ‘First you Gotta Shake the Gate’) So, call it creative license. Second, is the inclusion of two trap-rap tracks, ‘Backwoods’ featuring Tra-Zae and ‘Mama Told Me’, with an appearance from non-other than Cardi B. The tracks are well executed, but seem like a blatant attempt for Clinton to appeal to a younger audience, as well to as showcase his grandson, and are totally out of sync with the rest of the album’s vibe and overall theme. Last, is the egregious amount of profanity and allusions to “bathroom” functions. I can’t begin to quote even the least offensive lyrics, but suffice it to say that at some points it gets down right disgusting, particularly on “Loodie Poo Da Pimp”. This aspect of ‘Fraud Dogg’ has received the most unfavorable reactions from P-Funk fans. Still present are Clinton’s clever play on words and insightful social satire, but I have to agree that ‘Fraud Dogg’s’ raunchy ‘sense of humor’ can be more than a little off putting.

That being said, Medicaid Fraud Dogg is a solid album that P-Funk fans will find satisfying, if not totally reminiscent of the classic Parliament sound, and that will  give new P-Funkers a great way to get acquainted with this important and legendary band.


Hour 1
Medicated Creep Parliament Medicaid Fraud Dogg 2018
Psychotropic Parliament Medicaid Fraud Dogg 2018
69 Parliament Medicaid Fraud Dogg 2018
Up For The Down Stroke Parliament Up For The Down Stroke 1974
Proof Is in the Pudding Parliament Medicaid Fraud Dogg 2018
I’m Gon Make U Sick O’Me (feat. Scarface) Parliament Medicaid Fraud Dogg 2018
Agony Of Defeet Parliament Tombpibulation 1980
All in Parliament Medicaid Fraud Dogg 2018
Hard Pill Garrett Shider Hand Me Down Diapers 2017
Dr. Funkenstein Parliament Clones of Dr. Funkenstein 1976
DaDa Parliament Medicaid Fraud Dogg 2018
Hour 2
Side Effects Parliament Chocolate City 1975
Pain Management Parliament Medicaid Fraud Dogg 2018
Riddle Me This Parliament Medicaid Fraud Dogg 2018
No Mos Parliament Medicaid Fraud Dogg 2018
Ya Habit Parliament Medicaid Fraud Dogg 2018
Higher Parliament Medicaid Fraud Dogg 2018
Atomic Dog George Clinton Computer Games 1983
Medicaid Fraud Dogg Parliament Medicaid Fraud Dogg 2018
Insurance Man Parliament Medicaid Fraud Dogg 2018
Loodie Poo Da Pimp Parliament Medicaid Fraud Dogg 2018
Rumpofsteelskin Parliament The Motor Booty Affair 1978
Type Two Parliament Medicaid Fraud Dogg 2018

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